Transforming Welding & Manufacturing


Re-engineering & Automation

What is Sustainable Welding Excellence?

Excellence cannot be achieved without persistent efforts. IndiaWelds Synergy tries to establish this by bringing together the industry and academia to exchange ideas, technology know-how and deliberate probable solutions to perpetual issues that ails the welding sector.

Transforming Welding & Manufacturing through Re-engineering & Automation

Automation is here to change the way we weld and manufacture. While the industry is grappling with the optimum use of the existing technologies, the need of the hour is to integrate the IoT based technologies with the existing ecosystem. But how? Through re-engineering the way we manufacture – from process designing to dispatch! Its time to break open the silos and integrate every process to have automation the correct way. Training is therefore integral to create assets (aka workers) that determines quality and productivity.

Lets discuss and learn about Technology and People in this edition of IndiaWelds Synergy 2022!

Conference | Exhibition | Networking

Conference will have the industry and academia giants imparting their knowledge and experience to the attendees. The topics have been crafted (not just drafted!) in accordance to the most relevant themes in present day welding sector (done after collecting feedbacks!).

Exhibition is for us to see how knowledge has been rightly translated into technology by the experts! It also provides a direction to the R&D carried out by various organisations – industry and academia.

Networking is about people! The usage of social media has already made us all smart enough to communicate online! During IndiaWelds Synergy, let us use the skills to enhance our career and knowledge. Connect to the subject experts. Connect for jobs. Connect for business.

IndiaWelds Synergy is THE place to do all these and more…

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